"I am a lesbian"

"I am a lesbian" are the words of my friend. A shocking revelation but acceptable for me.

We have been friends for years already.I never thought that she would be like this.She is sexy, slim and very feminine in every way.She even had crushes.She has pedicure, manicure, and wears short shorts, mini skirts and sexy dresses, very much feminine,more feminine than me.

I told her that it might be a mistaken conclusion or a temporary feeling.I suggested that a guy might change this. She replied that she had been in a relationship with a guy before but only then that she realized that she is falling in love to a girl at the same time.I told her that being a lesbian is not that easy.Accept it or not there is still discrimination in the society.Regardless of my views, she is already convinced that she is a lesbian.

Lesbian or not, she is still my friend.Nothing can wipe away our years of friendship.Whatever her choices as long as she is happy, I would be here as a friend.Good luck friend to your journey in seeking your true self.



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