Unreasonable Blame

It was Saturday and I was still in the office working. I was in a bad mood because before I left the house my brother keeps on giving me household chores and I am so tired. I am so exhausted that some unnecessary thoughts pop out of my mind. I am beginning to pity myself because I missed my planned night out, I am still in the office working when it is supposed to be a rest day and I have a brother who keeps on giving me works. I hate it to be in this way. When in times like this the only one who absorbs my anger, annoyance, and silliness is my boyfriend.

I blamed him for not letting me attend my friends night out. I told him that I am so jealous with my friends because they got to enjoy a very nice place with all the nice pictures. I am letting him to know that I missed all the fun because of him.

Despite of my unreasonable blames, he just said sorry. He said sorry for all the fun I missed because of him. Then, he promised that next time he will not hinder in all outings I want to attend to.

After my bad mood subsided, I got to realized how silly and unreasonable I am. In the first place it was my wrong plan that caused me not to be able to attend my friends night out. It was not his fault that I missed all the fun. It was not also his fault that I am in a bad mood because of my work commitments. In all these things, there is nothing to blame him for. It was all my fault.

Amidst of these, I got to realized how lucky I am to have a boyfriend like him. He is willing to understand me in my bad moments, willing to shoulder all the faults just for us not to quarrel and willing to sacrifice his ego for the sake of our relationship. It made me realize how much he loves me even though I am so unfair sometimes. For this, I love him more.



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