Why should there always be a basis in judging one’s capabilities? Why some people compare us to others? Why is it that there are always a notion that we are supposed to be more capable or at the same level with the person ahead of us, our parents or with our siblings? Why is it that there are always comparisons?

Living our day to day life full of expectations and pressures is so hard, how much more if it is added up with a lot of comparisons to a person who is visibly more knowledgeable and efficient than us. It is an unreachable basis wherein people expect us to achieve. What is hurtful to this situation is when they show to our face that the other person is much better than us. It is so annoying because each of us has its own weaknesses and strengths. Each of us is unique and shouldn’t be compared to others. We may not be competent in his/her field of expertise but we might find our strengths in another field because each of us is exceptional in our own way. It is unfair to be compared according to the achievements and success of another person. It is not right to be put in the footsteps of the person ahead of us. We should be given a chance to excel in our own path. It maybe hurtful or not but we must accept the reality that there are people who behaves this way, who cannot do away with the comparisons.



shengy said...

hi gurl..your's quite frustrating

anyway..i have an award for you

Anonymous said...

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