Turning Point

I had a bad day. I feel irritated, exhausted, hurt and with lower self esteem because of my job.Is it already time to quit my job and look for better opportunities? As I weigh things, I could think of more ideas answering yes to my question than no. I don't anymore like my working environment because of the incident with my co-worker which gave me an idea that they are treating me superficially. In terms with my work, I had doubts if I could be able to cope up with it. In this line of job, you should be all-knowing, efficient and flexible in the needs of your boss and customer. One simple mistake makes a big difference. I don't think I have the traits needed to meet the demands of my job. I am already succumb by it. Even in terms of salary, it is way too low compared to other companies. Is there still reason to stay? If I will really think about it, I could stay in order for me to gain more experience, nothing more nothing less. Maybe it is my turning point wherein from now on I should be more open to the idea of looking for more job opportunities and try to have a much better job.


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