Mother and Daughter Bonding

Yesterday was a day of celebration in the city.A local holiday was declared in celebration of "Araw ng Dabaw"'. Anywhere within the city is busy. My mother and I decided to stroll around the city. We went to the busiest street, the San Pedro street.A lot of people were there because it was the venue of drum and bugle competition. Aside from the competition, it is also were a lot of things for sale were displayed in the sidewalk. We bought a house decor, slippers and fruits at a cheaper price. After strolling in the street, our next destination had been the park in the city named as the People's Park. My mother had never been there before so even if a lot of people were there we never hesitated to enter the park. There was a competition for magicians in the event area of the park. We watched it for a while and then stroll in the park.We took pictures, watch the different views, sat in the benches and then finally decided to go home.What a busy day it was in the city and added up by a heavy traffic. At least my mother and I had some fun. We had a wonderful and memorable mother and daughter bonding.



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