Man's Bestfriend

Dog's are man's bestfriend. They make us laugh, entertain us and even play with us.Sometimes the longer they stay with us the more we became emotionally attached to them.

As I grew up, I am used to having dogs in our house.I love dogs and eventhough they don't belong to the high breed dogs I still love them.When I transferred to the city to study for college we tried to raise a dog for our house here. We either buy or bring a puppy from the province to be raised here in the city. No matter how we tried the puppies die after few months. Some puppies had been with us for several months already that we wept for their lost. Until such time that we finally decided to not anymore raise a dog here in our house in the city.

One time when my cousin's son stayed with us, he brought a puppy. I told him that his puppy might die just like the rest of them.I was wrong, it was a miracle that the puppy survived. With it, we became hopeful that we can have another dog so we brought another puppy from the province. Still, after few weeks it pass away.After this my brother finally decided not to have another dog.

For now, we still have the dog that my cousin's son brought to us and I am very thankful for it. I am hoping and praying that it will stay with us for another couple of years. It will be a great loss if it will pass away. It has been a survivor and a man's bestfriend.


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