Last night, I dreamed about my late best friend. In my dreams, we are in a classroom competing for something or kind of discussing something like we used to do before. It is already two months, to be exact, two months and two days since she passed away. I terribly missed her. I don't know what are the messages my dreams wants to convey to me. Maybe I just terribly missed her that is why I dreamed of her or maybe I still didn't accept the reality that she already passed away.

In the latter years of her life wherein we are apart, if we met we talked about each others lives, catching up on what we missed and when I go home in the province I visit her in their house. Since I am going home to the province tomorrow, I am going to see her house, our school and playgrounds were we spent our childhood years. It would all remind me of her as well as the pain of losing her.

As of now, I just think that we are only separated by distance because in my heart she would always be there. My dreams may bring back the pain but I have been lucky enough for even in an illusion I had been with her. I will forever miss you Mons!!



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