Unwanted body fats

When you always see yourself in the mirror, you won't notice what are the big changes of your body. Usually our friends and other people who haven't seen us for quite some time notice the differences.

As I see myself in the mirror everyday,what I see is the same as yesterday.What I have not notice is that I am gaining some weight. I have a hormonal imbalance that triggers this to happen. Before I manage to lose some weight and because of this notion I became lax with my diet. It was only lately that this idea sink in to me. While shopping and fitting for some clothes I've notice the bulging excess fat. Also, some of my friends are telling me that I am gaining some weight.

With these, I should not let these happen to me. I should look after with my diet. Since summer is approaching it would be an eye sore wearing a swimsuit exposing those unwanted body fats.I must strive to be physically fit.Hard work, self-discipline and good diet are the things I needed to reach my goal. So, wish me luck on my quest to be fit physically.


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