It is a long holiday because of the Holy Week. Instead of hitting the beach or travelling in any tourist spots, unlucky for me I have to stay at the house. To make the scenario worst, aside from staying at the house I also have to take a bedrest. Though it is not a doctor's advice, I still have to because in every move I make my menstruation and my dysmenorrhea gets worse. My husband accompany me to get over to this but he was not used to stay in bed that he was not feeling well on the following day. I really pity my husband because he did not have an enjoyable vacation during this long holidays and now he is sick as well because of me. I hope we could get through to this by tomorrow.
     Eventhough I am on bedrest, it would not hinder me from doing some payperpost oppurtunities. Luckily there are some offers. It will get me busy and forget some pains in my body. Thanks to the online freelance writing service at for giving me something to do. It made me busy for a while.
     Before I end this post, I want to leave these thoughts I ponder. Today is Good Friday, it made me realized that the pain I am enduring right now is way beyond comparable to the pain Jesus must endure for us to be save. Thank you Jesus!


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Carol Hansen said…
last time for holidays I broke my leg and needed to stay at home for month, instead od walking around, treveling, chilling on the beach I was writing an article on hobbies and interests what I supposingly could do.

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