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     I almost finish reading a book written in our native language which I thought would be full of jokes and funny stories. Indeed it was funny but upon reading  it there are some contexts in the book that relays to reality as to what really is the views of other nationality about us. There had been a lot of stories, essays and web pages stated that tackles about my country, its problems, its incompetencies and what is lacking inorder for it to succeed as a nation.  What struck me the most is the story of other races' perception about us. Their perception about us has been distorted by the wars in Mindanao, Abu Sayaf kidnapping, cheap prostitutes and former incompetent president that they neglected to notice the good traits of Filipinos and its beautiful country. There is also a story about a Filipino who wants to be on a different nationality if he will be reincarnated but there is also a story of a foreigner who loves our country so much that he preferred to stay here rather than on his own country. It is kind of weird, funny but a bit sad for that Filipino who would like to disown his own race.  Though the book was first published almost ten years ago, I hope our country improved much from then to now.
      The book also had been an inspiration to me. The writer started writing in a web page and later on it was compiled and published into a book. I like the author’s humor and wit in compiling those funny stories and at the same time inserting some real scenarios where I could relate to and made some realizations in life. I like the way he writes and his style in relaying his stories to his readers. I think there are still a lot of things I have to improve inorder for me to achieve what he had achieved. For one I could start out with essays or hire this Australian essay writing service for some techniques to be learned.  Well, let see where this blog would take me.
     Out of respect for the author, I could not name the book for I might say things that might not please him but I really like the book and would highly recommend it.


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