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       The recent departure of my husband’s niece to Denmark and the arrival from Dubai of a former co-worker brought some thoughts to ponder for me. Aside from these two, my brother, my cousins, my neighbour and some of my classmates in college and high school are in foreign countries. Many people think that foreign countries offer greener pasture. They believe that working abroad could provide them higher salary and it could be the way for them to uplift their way of living from what was here in the Philippines. Sadly more and more people are working abroad. Mostly are talented professionals like doctors, teachers, accountants, nurses and engineers that used their talents for the benefit of other countries. True to others, working abroad really changed their lives for the better. For some, it brought then unhealthy relationship with their family, unpaid debts, no savings and being molested.
       A lot of news, articles, books and essay writing tackle this issue already but more and more people still go out of the country to work in a foreign land. In fact, the government supports these because of the billions of dollars that OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) send to the Philippines. It has a big part in increasing the GDP of the country.
      In my own opinion if I will be given a chance to be able to work abroad, I will really grab this opportunity. Just imagine if I will be given a job that will offer me a much as four times of what I am earning here in the Philippines, who can say no to this offer. Aside from the salary, you would be able to see foreign countries. Still, major decisions like this must be given thorough discerning. I must think a couple of times if do I really have to work abroad and leave my husband and my family here. There are some questions in my mind like if I could really do the job, if my body can cope with the weather and if my mind could be at peace if I am away from my family and leaving alone there. These are only some of my hesitations why I am still here. Well, if I could really work abroad I know God will give it to me in His most perfect time. 


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