My Mother's Advanced Birthday Celebration

Dinner at Kuya Ed
Back of  David
Jack's Ridge
                My mother's birthday will be on March 4. Since she went home to the province last Saturday, my husband and I treat her out last Friday. First, we had dinner at Kuya Eds at Magallanes St. It was an eat-all-you-can dinner at an affordable price that satisfied our hunger. Then, we went to Queensland at Matina Aplaya. It was my mother's first time to be there. She noticed the controversial David statue and the sharks which were grown there. After taking some pictures at Queensland, we proceeded to Jack's Ridge at Shrine hills Matina. My mother wants to go there to know if there had been changes at Jack's Ridge after several years had passed. Same as before, the colorful lights of the city is still beautiful to look at in Jack's Ridge. We didn't loom that long at Jack's Ridge because of the rain. I hope my mother had a wonderful advanced birthday celebration with us.



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