Gadgets We Have

Lately, my husband and I had been acquiring some gadgets which I aspire to have but in doubt if we could really have it. With God's grace, before we got married last December we had been able to purchase a NEO B3280 notebook amidst the wedding expenses that awaits us during that time. I had been using it in my masteral studies and in my blogging. It is very light to carry that I could always have it with me anywhere at any time. The next gadget we had is an I-Touch IPOD. It is an Apple product that easily connects to Internet through Wi-Fi connection and could be installed with different applications. My husband bought it from a friend at one-third of the original price. We installed it with applications like the holy bible, eBooks, dictionary, music, videos, social networking sites like facebook and lots of games like plants and zombies. I had been engrossed about it for weeks that when my husband go home to the province, I let him have it so that I could divulge my time to more useful things. The latest addition to our gadgets is a Pentax Optio W90 digital camera. It is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. My husband is the one who kept on pushing me to purchase it. At first I hesitated because it is quite expensive with  a price  higher than the laptop but my husband encourage me to purchase it. He emphasized that it would be very useful in capturing moments in special occasions, in adventures, and the places we visited. I hope it is worth the price. God really blessed us in a lot of ways and we would always be grateful for it. I prayed that God would bless us not only in the material things we need but also in our physical and spiritual needs.

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