Backyard's Minute Activities

        Today is a holiday in celebration of the 74th Araw ng Davao. Since I didn't want to explore the city and join the festive. I stayed home, wash some laundries and explore our backyard. I want to test and explore the capabilities of my new camera. This is where I was able to capture a very nice backyard's minute activities.
         This is a picture of some ants in a gumamela flower bud. Aside from ants there is these little yellow insects. I'm not sure if these are small ants or maybe aphids. All of them interact in a single gumamela bud. I just can't imagine how tiny these creatures are and how big I am. I just wondered how many tsunamis, earthquake, fire and other calamities do they experience every single day of their lives. Still, their species keep on living and doing what they must do. It is so amazing how creatures mingle this way. 


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