A couple of days ago, my mother had been rush to the hospital due to high blood pressure. Her blood pressure reach 150/90.We assumed it was caused by hot temperature or some food that she eaten during that day that triggers for this to happen. According to the diagnosis of the emergency ward doctor, my mother had a pneumonia that causes for the blood pressure to increase.Since during that time all the hospital rooms for patients had been fully booked due to high cases of dengue and flu, we waited for all the tests to be done and when it is done and my mother's blood pressure subsided, we go home by midnight.
The following day my mother's doctor who is also her second cousin diagnosed my mother with UTI (urinary tract infection). A different diagnosis compared to the one given by the emergency ward doctor. So another set of medicines had been prescribed. Since we are more confident on my uncles' capabilities,we followed her prescription and besides my mother is vomiting with medicines prescribed by the other doctor.
Well, it is always nice to be observe first the effects of medicines prescribed to us rather than blindly follow a doctor's diagnosis. Be observant and cautious because we have to remember that not all people are so good in their chosen field of profession.


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