It was few days ago when I attended the general assembly of the employee’s cooperative of our company. As the bookkeeper of the company, I was tasked to report the statement of financial condition of the company. It was the second assembly and the cooperative’s third year of operation. For me, the cooperative was doing well. It has reached a hundred thousand income for last year. Usually a business will start to gain income on its third to fifth year of operation because usually first to second year are all about capitalizing or incurring pre-operating costs. So a hundred thousand income is already not bad and we cannot deny the fact that nowadays a lot of businesses are shutting down due to recession and mismanagement. Despite of this, there are still coop members who can’t accept this outcome and were not happy about this. Well, we can’t please everyone but it is good that there are these criticisms that will challenge the BOD to aim for higher returns.


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