Points of View

While viewing my facebook account, I am somewhat distracted by the comments of one of my friends regarding the senatorial candidate Riza Hontiveros-Baraquel. The point of their comments is that this senatorial candidate is so shallow pertaining to her tag line “Magandang Laban” which to them doesn’t make sense. They also added in their comments that Riza is like a prostitute selling her beauty to gain some votes and that how can fighting a fertilizer scam solve the issues of price reduce in the market. I don’t know much about Riza Hontiveros but out of the small things I knew about her, I already admired her bravery and dedication in fighting the issues which she thinks will be for the good interest of the Filipino populace. I think she has a point in fighting the fertilizer scam because in any agri-business fertilizer is the most expensive cost thus reducing the cost means reducing the price of the commodity. If she is beautiful and campaigning for votes it doesn’t mean that she is already stooping to the level of a prostitute. It is not her fault that her beauty is much noticeable than the things she wants to convey but she has the brain and the commitment to be the voice of those people who wants their voices to be heard. I think she very much deserves to have a seat in the senate. I like her and I will vote for her as one of my senators. After all those people who gave their bad comments about her are bunch of activists whose only goal in life is to shout out their complains with the government when in fact they are scholars who are very much privileged to gain quality education in a government school. Sometimes I wonder what’s in there in state universities that most of their students are activists. Why do they keep on complaining when they are the ones who benefited the privileges given by the government? Well, it is too much to ponder but two things is certain we could agree into something or oppose with each other because each of us has different points of view. For now, no matter what issues they will throw at Riza Hontiveros-Baraquel I still like her and I will still vote for her.


shengy said…
yes your right reina..im wondering as well...

i guess activist needs more attention..

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