Tough Week

Last week had been a tough week for me. Monday was when I received an email regarding my disapproval to Google ad sense. I’m a little sad by it but it's OK. Tuesday had been another busy day for me at work. Wednesday, the worst day, was when my brother had a vehicular accident while on his work. I am so tense and worried about his situation. Luckily, he had only some minor wounds. The next day, Thursday, when I arrived at our house my brother showed me his dead flower horn fish. He took care of it for five months already. It was already having colors on his scales and half already of the size of a matured flower horn fish. My brother was disappointed by it because it jumped out of its aquarium and we were late by almost an hour to rescue it. What left to us now are only its pictures. Another tough day followed, Friday, was the day when I am starting to have a heavy flow menstruation. Throughout the day, I am so conscious and careful with it so that my jeans will not be stained by blood. No matter how tough the week had been, I am grateful that I made it. Amidst the bad things that happened, it strengthens my faith and made me realize how much GOD loves me and family. Through HIM I survived it.


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