Music For The Lord

        Music is pleasing to the ear and it is more pleasing if we sang it to the Lord. In our church, we had been lucky enough to have Bro. Vernon and Ptr. Rey with us. Pastor Rey had been the church worker and at the same time the one who leads and trained the youth in the field of music. Bro. Vernon is a retired US Navy who had been able to marry a Filipina, became a pastor and an evangelist. He had chosen to be under the UPC Baguer as his main church. He was also a former high school music instructor and because of his strong passion to share his talent, he donated music instruments and teaches music for free every Friday. He became also the music director of the church and wanted to form an orchestra. Aside from Pastor Rey's guitar lessons, the church now also has music lessons from Bro. Vernon involving reading notes, and how to use orchestra instruments. The church is so blessed to have them both. Last Friday, we had a dedication of the donated instruments to the Lord. We are looking forward for their first performance as a group. This only manifest that God really knows how to use His people and how to connect them to those who needed them most. 


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