The invention of telephone speeds up the communication between people. It has been a means in relaying messages between two persons in far places. It has been the oldest communication tool that still exists up to this time. Now we have  cellphones and iphones that have additional applications in it compared to telephones. Cellphones allow us to send text messages aside from calls. Iphones allow us to access the internet beside its text and calls features. Still, telephone has a wide range of users because of its cheaper phone calls and accessiblity. With telephones you could just plug it and leave it there. For people away from their house and offices, there is now telephone answering service that would enable them to retrieve and hear their messages whenever they are already around. It is widely used in offices, businesses and for personal use. Telephone is given a specific number  and added up with an area code so that it could be reach and identified specifically. Unlike cellphones that you could just change the sim to be able to have a new number but with telephones it is applied with the telephone company. Telephones may be old school but its usage is still very in.


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