Insured Ride

      I am sad about the news of one my relatives who lives in Hawaii. They had an accident while my female relative drove the car with her kids. A woman who is driving recklessly hit their car. Their car was in total wreck and the driver who hit them doesn't have a driver's license and wasn't able to renew her car insurance. Thankfully, my relative and her children were fine but their car needs some major repair and the one who hit them couldn't assume the damages for the meantime because she doesn't have an insurance. Luckily, my relative's car insurance company provided them some vehicle to use while they are still repairing their car. I hope the woman who hit them will be penalize and would have some charges as a lesson for other drivers for being so reckless and irresponsible.
     Back here in the Philippines, my sister-in-law has a scooter. She uses it everyday in going to the next town where their business is. We encourage her to follow up her driver's license from student to professional as well as her scooter insurance if available. Although it would cause some money it is always nice to have an insured ride.


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