Welcoming Marriage

      It is already seven months since I got married and two months since my husband and I live together. We had been in a relationship for seven years before we got married. I could say that I really knew my husband well before I was married to him but it surprises me that there are still little things that I am discovering about him as time goes by. Of course there had been changes that have been done in our lives to accommodate marriage and make it work. For five months we lived separately because of my job. During those times I would go home twice a month but it won't work for us because both of us lived alone and loneliness haunts us. After weighing some things I gave up my job and lived with my husband. I also changed my religion same as to that of my husband but it is more of a personal decision. 
     Although there had been changes but marriage for me is full of fun. It is nice to wake up every morning having someone who would hug you or kissed you. Sometimes my husband and I would joke around about our morning breath as to whom should have the bad breath report or who has the odorous fart. Disgusting and awkward it may seem but when you are married to each other, it means nothing. Aside from this, we also love to travel, dine in to new restaurants, eat our favorite delicacies, pray together, mingle with friends and many more. It is like having someone who would always be there for you. As my husband would always say, the essence of marriage is companionship. It is having someone who would always be with you for the rest of your lives.


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