Of all alcoholic drinks, wine is the most popular. It is also the drink that could be present in any occasions. It may be during birthdays, parties, events, and special occasions. A wedding would not be complete without the drinking of wines which symbolizes that the bride and groom are taking into themselves the qualities of each others families. Even in a Catholic mass, drinking of wine by priests is part of the ceremony. It is really no question why wines have great popularity and value but what really is wine.
     Wine is a fermented fruit juice made usually from grapes. It comes in long-neck bottles and stored for years. The longer the age of wine, the tastier it is. That is why there are people who collect wines and reserves it for special occasions. Vintage wines are usually considered as collectors' items for their age, price, taste and rarity. In the market, there are already thousands of brands of wines to choose from, doctors point sauvignon blanc is one of them. Aside for the purposes of collection and social drink, wines are also for health benefits. Drinking of one glass of wine in a day is good for the heart. No wonder why wines are one of the sale-able beverages.



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