Clear Vision

       As we get older, one of the things that fades away is our vision. The older we get, the more vague it becomes. Without clear vision, the harder it is to cope up with our daily activities. It becomes a hindrance that some of the things we used to do where already neglected, reading newspaper for example. Aside from aging, disease like diabetes could also cause vague vision.
      What is needed is prescription glasses. Aside from giving a clearer vision, it could also be a fashion accessory with its various frames and shapes. It is also handy that you could bring it along with you. It should be consulted to an optometrist in choosing the correct glasses along with its grade. It is better to consult it early before it become severe and also to check if your current prescription glasses still suits you. Glasses grade also changes that it must be checked from time to time. Some of the symptoms that your glasses doesn't suits you is when you get severe headache or nauseated. That is why consultation is a  must and should never be neglected.
      Our vision or sense of sight is very vital that we must take care of it. As early as possible, we should take proper foods and vitamins that will enhance our sense of sight. We cannot stop aging but we could do something that will prolong the time of having clear vision.



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