Toys mean a lot to children. It is their constant companion wherever they may be. Sometimes it is their pacifier when they have their tantrums. Toys are their source of fun and playing it completes their day. Little girls usually prefer dolls and cars for little boys. Eventhough how expensive some toys maybe, we do not hesitate to buy it for these little kids for what matters most is the happiness these toys could give.
         My husband and I always buy toys as gifts. He has a lot of nephews and nieces that we are always surrounded by little kids. Everyday we could see these little children having fun with their toys but  sometimes it is also the cause of some fights. When my husband was still single, he bought remote controlled RC cars to one of his nephews.  His other nephews got jealous  with it and sometimes fights for it. So he bought again another toy car. Since then, I couldn't anymore remember how many toy cars had been bought and broken by them. When we buy toys, we see to it that all has been given to prevent some fights. It is really expensive but it is nothing compared to seeing their happy faces and hearing their loud laughter while playing their toys which is for us priceless.


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