Wants in Life

          God had really been very gracious. He not only give us the things we needed but also the things we wanted.This is not bragging but I just wanted to share with you how grateful I am that the material things I wanted had been given. Couple of months ago, my husband and I had been able to purchase a camera, an ipod and a netbook. These are things that could be considered as wants because life still go on even if we don't have these things. I wanted to have a digital camera to be able to capture some special moments in my life and to be able to share it with you. A couple of months later, I had been able to own one. Netbook had also been a  want in my life because I wanted to have a faster computer for my work before and also for blogging. Unlike the netbook which I truly wanted, the Ipod was just owned incidentally. It was sold to us by a friend in a lower price that is why we had been able to own one. Recently, more material wants had been given to us. My husband had his brand new motorcycle and I had my touch screen cellphone. Then yesterday, we had been able to purchase a sound system like peavey pro sub and a Toshiba laptop. We already purchase before a sound system but my husband's brother in law likes it that he bought it from us so we buy again. I also already had my netbook but my sister badly needed it for her work that she also purchased it from me that is why we bought again. I couldn't really fathom the gratefulness in my heart that these material wants had been given to us. Aside from the motorcycle and the digital camera, all those things had been purchased  cash. Of course, these are the fruits of our hard-work. I really can't imagine that we could be able to achieve that much but as my husband always emphasized and I want to practice, we return the glory and honor to the Lord. It is good to be rich in materials things but it is better to be rich in the spiritual aspect as well.


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