Fasting and Prayer

      Every Thursday is the scheduled day for prayer and fasting of the prayer warriors of the church. Since I got nothing to do, I attended the sessions and today is my third time to attend this endeavor. During the session, each of us will read ten verses in the bible consequently and we will have some sharing of thoughts of the verses we have read. Before we will have our praise and worship, we will talk about the different prayer requests of the church. In this portion, I get to know the different problems of some of the members of the church. Hearing these problems made me realize how lucky I am to experience minimal hardships. It made me appreciate the kind of life I am living. It is good to know that I am so loved by God. I also been able to appreciate the women and mothers of families. Since most of the prayer warriors are mothers, I get to know their pains, sufferings and hardships with regards to their families. They are like sponges that absorb these things. They are the ones who are affected the most when something is wrong with their family and they would always try to seek for solutions to make things right. It made me admire their toughness in facing their problems. As they would always say, if they would face it alone they cannot do it but with God's grace they kept on moving. As always, nothing is impossible with the Lord.


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