Additional Skills

     It is always nice to have a lot of skills and to be a well-rounded person. Being like one, you could be able to be assigned or work in any field you would choose. They somehow referred this type of person as Jack of all trade. My elder brother could be considered like one. He already tried different types of jobs. He had been a salesman, carpenter, welder, farmer, driver, photo artist, electrician, typist, and cellphone, computer and appliances repairman. When I am still schooling, I also always request him to do the letter printing or drawings in some of my school projects. It is always nice to have a brother that could be able to do the things I couldn't do. With him being around, I was also been able to have some knowledge with regards to computer, cellphones and appliances.
     Of all the skills my brother has, the additional skills I wanted to acquire is his skill as a photo artist. I had been longing and really wanted to be able to have some expertise in Photoshop. If there would be some trainings like photoshop training london that would be free, I would really be eager to attend. For the meantime, I would just have some self-training because my brother is in our house in the city and I am now living in the province. Thankfully, he installed a Photoshop software in my laptop wherein there are some tutorials that I could be able to learn from.  



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