Cable Management

      Our room has a lot of cables. It may be a cable for the laptop, for the sound system or some other gadgets. I would not wonder why because my husband is a graduate of electrical engineering and now works as a customer service engineer. He is really into wires, cables, electricity, appliances and gadgets. I just let him place those things in a certain space in our little house. I don't really arrange it for him because from time to time he needs something that as long as it is there he could easily find it. Eventhough he has that certain space in our house, there are still a lot of cables in our room. Maybe what we need is some cable management but what I do is I put all the things we need in a storage box. I put in it the rj45 cable, all the chargers, the connection cables, the plug in wires and adapters. It is also nice to have those small wires that could neatly wrap the cables when not in use. Still, boys would be boys that my husband would just leave those things in any part our house anywhere he wanted to without folding, or wrapping it. Cables are really sore in the eyes that sometimes cable management is a must.


Natasha Weston said…
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