Whole Body Massage

          It feels so nice after a session of a whole body massage. As advised by some friends, I am having at least once a month a whole body massage in order to have a regular menstruation. The one who massages us is also a midwife that knows how to position an ovary to its proper place through massage. It might not do me any harm if I try it, so I gave it a try. After one month of my first session of a whole body massage, I had my menstruation. I really can't believe it. My menstruation cycle is usually every after four months that having only a one month interval surprised me. I already tried medication before to correct this but nothing happens. Maybe massage is really the cure I am looking for. Aside from the massage, maybe my stress-free daily activities also helped in correcting this. No matter what it is, I am glad to have my whole body massage because of the different feeling of relaxation it could give.


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