Facebook Ban

          Several days had already passed since the last time I’ve check my facebook account. Viewing of social network sites like facebook was prohibited in our office. This was implemented because some employees are already abusing their privilege to have internet connection. Instead of doing their job, some employees were busy viewing their facebook account. For me, having internet connection in the office is a privilege because I could save time and money in going to internet cafes just to view my emails and update my account on some social network sites. I am not yet a facebook addict but the easiest way right now to stay connected with your friends, classmates, relatives and future acquaintances is through Facebook. Now, I am really not updated to what is the latest news to some of my friends but no matter how much I wanted to see my facebook account during office hours, I never tried because there would sanctions to those who will get caught. As an employee, I must abide to the new policies implemented by the management and I fully understand why they are doing this. So for now, facebook ban is strongly implemented during office hours.



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