Sunday Bikers

    On one of our travels in going home to the province, we are able to encounter the Sunday bikers. This is a group of big motorbike riders. We are able to encounter them from Davao until Bansalan national highway road. From the looks of their bikes and their group, I could assume that they are from the upper class of the society. Aside from having convoys with siren, the group also have a separate rescue vehicle. Wow, what a luxury past time it had been amidst the high prices of fuel right now. With the big engines of their motorbikes, I couldn’t imagine how many liters of fuel it could consume for the long distance they have travelled. I am sure a single rider would spend thousands for that trip and as a group they would spend hundreds of thousand or it might even reach million. Just imagine how expensive it is for a past time and how many lives would be affected if the money was spent for a noble cause. Well, who am I to criticize because in the first place it is their money to spend.


Anonymous said…
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