Search Engine

       I am still a neophyte in blogging that words like search engines, SEO and SEM is not familiar to me that I want to more about this things. So, I came to Google and type the words search engine, not knowing, what I did is basically what search engine is all about.
      Search engines had been a great help in acquiring information of anything through the use of internet. It had been part of our daily interaction with the internet that Google, Yahoo or Bing is very familiar to us. Any word we type, Google will search for it. Google will provide the list of websites where we could find what we are looking for.  This is where SEO (Search engine optimization) or SEM (Search engine marketing) will enter in the scenario. SEO will optimize a website by selecting keyword expressions related to the website inoder for it to achieve high ranking on search results. SEM on the other hand is a type of internet marketing that uses paid post, contextual advertising and paid inclusion to promote a website in order for it to have a higher possibility to be included in the search engine result pages. That is why there are a lot of websites whose product is SEO or SEM to promote a website.


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