Expired Offer

        I was so disappointed the other day because of the expired offer. It was worth $11 which is ten times or four  times higher than any other pay per post offers. I accepted the offer early in the morning and was still contemplating on what to write on it that I did not started it right away. When I accepted it, there was a part on that page that states that it will expire after two days. When I started to right anything about it in the afternoon it was already expired. Maybe I misunderstood the two days allocation for it wherein it started from the day it was given as an offer not from the time it was accepted. Well $11 offer gone away. 
        I admit there had been hesitations in my part on doing that job offer because I have not yet received a single penny from it. There had been an offer before like that I submitted it on time but when they returned it back for posting some links are missing that I could not proceed to the next step to be able to claim my pay and then it expired also. My effort was put to waste.
        Aside from those hesitations, I was also reluctant to start it because I find difficulties in creating formal, informative and entertaining essays. The website which gave that offer was a bit strict on grammar, proper use of words and correct links for the words provided. Unlike other pay per post sites that accepts any topics I will write and was not strict on what I wrote on my posts. 
        Anyways, back on my mind there is regret that I let that offer expired. Eleven dollars is already big enough and if I made it that would had been my first completed offer from that site which may give way for more offers to come. Somehow I was still happy because I never expected that my blog,which  I do not have enough time,still received that kind of offers.


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