Having Fun While Learning

        I never thought that learning could be full of fun as well. Enrolling myself in an MBA class entails a lot of paperworks, reporting, time constraints and stress as well but it really  matters in how you handle things and the people you are with. I am happy to be  able to find a circle of friends in my MBA class. Aside from having a classmate who is also my officemate, I also have classmates that are friendly and funny to be with who became our friends. We had a lot of fun every class and we have some sort of girl bonding after class. We also had our lunch together in different eat-all-you can establishment. Last Saturday, we went to a KTV bar to sing out our stress. I am also excited for our future plan to visit three cities in Asia with the help of our classmate who works in a travel agency. With my circle of friends, I am really having fun while learning. 



neighbor said...

that's a great thing you're doing, girl! i wasn't able to finish my Masters in Education. though i feel bad about it, i still hope i could continue it someday..

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