Another Incident of Snatching

        Another incident of snatching happened and the latest victim is my officemate. She was walking along the road of the private subdivision where our office was located together with her husband. When suddenly someone in a black motorcycle, which is without a plate number, snatch her bag. At first, she thought it is just one of our office mates' pranks on her but it was not. Before they could take action on it, the bag was already taken away by that motor rider in a black jacket.
        Few weeks ago a lot of incidents like these happened nearby. My other office mate saw how that motor rider snatcher grab the bracelet of a motorcycle passenger near our office. The victim left nothing to do but to scream for help. Few days after, it was in the news that a number of snatchers were killed. It gave us some relief that maybe the snatching will stop. However with this new incident, my office mates and I don't anymore walk alone and was more vigilant if there is a motorcycle. Hope the snatching will stop.


kimmy said…
that is so sad.. and scary..

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