Swollen Finger

        Until now, I still don't know what causes my ring finger to swell. I just woke up in the middle of the night that my finger is aching. Even a simple touch, badly hurts. My husband decided that I must take a one day leave in my work so that my fingers could relax for a while. I let it to be massage just in case there are affected nerves that must be corrected. The woman who massaged it told me that it might have been bitten by an insect and that it is just an allergic reaction.  Someone also told us that it might have some wounds and that a tiny foreign object is still in there that might causes the swelling. I am inspecting it very carefully but I couldn't find even a tiny wound on it. Another person told us that it might be an arthritis in the fingers that is why it is swelling. Even if I don't know what causes the swelling, I just took tablets of Amoxicillin and put hot compress on it. Thank God, after a day of swelling it returned back to its normal shape. Fingers are very useful that there are some things we can't do without it. From now on, I would really take care of my fingers so that there would be no more swollen finger.   


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