Few weeks ago I was required to submit my medical certificate as a pre-employment requirement to the government agency where I applied a couple of months ago. As expected, the lab results indicated that I have lower blood count as a result of having abnormal menstruation. After completing my lab results which are neuro, x-ray, blood, urine and drug test, I was already ready for the physical exam so that my medical certificate will be released. While weighing in, I could not believe that I gained a lot of pounds the last time I weigh in. I was shocked that I was in the weighing scale for a couple of minutes for I could not believe that I weigh that much. There are  some doubts in my mind that maybe the weighing scale is not functioning well or that maybe the numbers I got is incorrect or that instead of kilos it is in pounds. I stayed so long in the weighing scale that the nurse is already asking for my weight and is now volunteering to assist me because I might not know how to weigh myself in the weighing scale for I stayed that long in there. That is the time I got out of the weighing scale and told the nurse my weight. After looking at her charts she put the word DESIRABLE at my medical chart which gave me some relief. After consultation and physical examination, the doctor put in the remarks of my medical certificate the words, abnormal uterine bleeding, which is acceptable for me and the word OVERWEIGHT. It was written in my medical certificate and I have no choice but to submit it. I am so upset with myself. I could not believe that I was so lax in maintaining my weight. After that day I promise to myself that I must loss some pounds. I am also starting to lighten or skip at least one meal a day. I am also eating a lot of fruits already instead of a heavy meal and if only dr oz raspberry ketone is available which could really help in losing weight I would try it. I am now engaging myself into physical activities like walking, jogging, and playing badminton. Hope that I would have the determination and strong will to stay in track of losing weight. It is really my goal to loss some pounds in order to address my overweight problem. I know I can do it. 


kim said…
uugghh! i think i have the same problem.. :(

mind checking THIS out?

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