Girls’ Plans

        I was so happy to be able to find a group of girl friends that I could get along well. I could have some bonding time with them like eating together, going to sing along bars, shopping and strolling around. Aside from our bonding time, we could also talk any topics we like even naughty ones and laugh about it.  Being with them is a stress reliever. I am looking forward for our future girl plans. One of our naughty plans is to visit a gay bar. One of our friends shared her experience in going to a gay bar. Though it might not be included in the complete list of the world’s best gay bars and clubs, according to her the experience is unforgettable. I doubt if I could come to a gay bar but the plan that excites me the most is our ASIA travel. One of our friends works in a travel agency and encouraged us to travel abroad. We already processed our passports and started to save for our travel expenses. Hope this plan would take place and let us have an unforgettable and enjoyable trip.   


Anonymous said…
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