Research Paper

Thesis writing is now unstoppable. I am now enrolled in in my Special Problem subject and it would the last phase I needed to complete before I could graduate with my MBA degree. When I started out studying again to attain a MBA degree, I was informed that a special problem, maybe it be thesis, feasibility or case study, is needed to be submitted and get the approval of a panel in a defense inorder for the MBA degree to be given. My initial plan is to conduct a feasibility study on any income generating venture and that is it. Since I stopped and was not enrolled for a year, a new curriculum was implemented and thesis was required for submission before I could graduate. Moreover, if two-three students per special problem output is allowed before, today it is by individual wherein one student, one output. It only means I have to do my thesis on my own.
I never tried doing a thesis before and my personal perception to it is that it is very difficult. I have tried doing feasibility study and it was kind of tough also. In the undergraduate level it is more of essay writing and write-ups wherein Internet is of big help for the information it provides and the hire essay writer services provided by online companies. Now in the post graduate level, an output that is more formal, intellectual and comprehensive is much more needed to be able to pass it.
I hope I could be able to produced a good research paper I could be proud of. I also hope for more patience, hardwork and faith that I could be able to do this. This is challenge and I could not back out from this. I can do this!


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