Google Adsense Payment System

It was a good news, Google Adsense made some changes in their payment system. I am so happy that finally they were now flexible in terms of payment. Though I am still too far from my next payment, I am so glad that I could already change my payee name to my married name. When I received my first payment from Google Adsense, it was still in my single name. I find difficulty in providing a valid id having my single name because when I got married, I see to it that my important documents and IDs were already transferred to my married name that nothing was left having my single name. Good thing I still have my employee id from my previous employer bearing my single name that by presenting this id, I was able to get my Google Adsense income. That is why I am so thankful that Google Adsense already made the changes I needed so that if ever I will claim my Google Adsense income I have valid IDs to present.


lovealways said…
libre libre libre

Anonymous said…
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