Flower horn

Flower horn fish is a breed of fish that has pink scales with some kind of Chinese imprints in its scales. As it grows older a big bulk forms on its forehead. In feng shui, it is believed to bring good fortune.

My brother adapted two flower horn fish last December 20, 2009. They are two months old now. When he adapted them, they have same length with my thumb. Now, they are almost 3.5 inches long.They grow so fast.

My brother named them Sniper and Tiger.Each has its own cube like aquarium.They are so energetic, attentive and playful.Even though they are almost alike, you can distinguish them by their traits.If you would put your finger or a wire in their aquarium, Sniper is the one who would not attack automatically but would wait for the right timing. Whereas, Tiger is the one that attacks automatically and would sometimes jumps out of its aquarium.

They are so funny to look at.If their aquarium are placed near to the other one and they got to see each other, they will attempt to attack causing them to bump into the glass or they will watch each others move that if the other one will stay still the other one will stay still also or if the other one will move to the right the other one will also follow.

Both of them will always mistaken the wire to be food that if you will place a wire above their aquarium, both of them will jump back and forth out of the water. They never gets tired doing this.They are so amusing. I have never thought fishes could be entertaining.


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