Job Opportunities in Australia

A friend of mine arrived from Australia for a one month vacation here in the Philippines. She had been able to go to Australia through a student visa but had been able to work there at the same time. She is a registered nurse here in the Philippines and later on passed the licensure exam for nurses in Australia. While studying for a masteral degree, she had been able to find a job in a coffee shop but later on worked in a hospital.

According to her a lot of job opportunities awaits in Australia especially in my field of specialization, accounting. Skilled workers are also needed in the field of hairdressing, cosmetology, bar tending, welding and hospitality. Although the Australian government had been strict in this field because of other nationality who were caught with fake documents,still, they will welcome workers who are willing to work there.So, if the job suits you and ready for it why not give it a try.


Anonymous said…
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