As part of the daily physical activities of my mother, she would sweep the dry leaves and other litters in our front yard as a morning exercise. She caught my attention while I am busy preparing myself for work. She got mad at something. When I am able to know the whole story, I am disgusted. There is a human manure in the front canal of our house. It was a dry canal and someone literally “popo” in there. It is so disgusting and a little bit funny. Three scenarios came out of my mind. First, maybe a customer of the internet cafe of our neighbor can’t find a CR that our front canal had been the target. Second, maybe someone wanted to annoy us that he/she came with this idea. Lastly, a passerby wanted to pee and there it goes. Funny it seems but it is a proof that human nature is very much unpredictable. :)


Benny said…
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