Funny Movie Made Me Cry: “I Do”

Funny it seems but I really cried over a tagalog comedy movie “I Do” of star cinema. I am not really a fan of tagalong movies but I was curious of the story and wanted to know what the ending is. So, I watched it alone after office hours. It was a comedy movie but there a lot of drama moments. I’ve watched it for the reason that maybe I could relate to the story and somehow it could give me answers on how to solve my cancelled engagement. I was not wrong, there are some scenes in the movie that I could relate to, like in the movie the boy protagonists sold his car to be able to pay the wedding expenses which my bf also did to fund our planned wedding which is cancelled. What struck me the most is when Enchong Dee(male protagonist) say these words to his father in-law: “ Sana po mpatawad nyo ako Mang Caloy, pero sana maintindihan nyo n mahirap mamili s dalawang taong mahal ko, ang pamilya ko o si yumi.”. Well, I can so relate and I am still in that situation and couldn’t decide who to choose, the man I love or my family, could I choose both. In the end, the boy in the movie choosed his daughter and the girl he loved over his family and waited for four years to be reconciled to his family at the death of his grandfather. Could I follow his footsteps? Nah, lets wait and see how will my story end.


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