I am Still Here

Hello fellow blogger. It is nice to be back once again in blogging. I don’t know what happened to me this past few months that I wasn’t been able to have a new post. But I could say that a lot of things came across into my life since the last time I keep in touch with you guys. Too bad I missed to share it with you. This blogging activity could have been a great help to me in releasing the burdens during those times but I haven’t been able to do so. Well for you to have a glimpse with what is happening to me, here are some of the highlights; top of the list is my canceled marriage engagement, second is the conflict I encountered with my co-employees, and I also got to experienced being alone in our house for three weeks that almost drove me to depression. Thank God I am alive and that some things had been settled in a nice way. On the bright side I was already promoted and I had been able to attend a very unique and helpful leadership seminar. This leadership (FLEX) seminar had been a medium in reconciling me and my co employees with regards to our conflict. With regards to my canceled marriage, it engagement brought a lot of disagreements between my family and my BF and I am still coping up with it and putting my trust to the Lord on how should I settle this issue. I could not choose between my family and my bf. I need them both. So here I am living my life each day at a time, experiencing new things and picking up the lessons to be learned along the way.


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