If Only Actions Could Speak

             The mouth was created for the sole purpose of saying the things we wanted to say. But why is it that my mouth becomes useless when I wanted to say sensitive things to my family.My family usually tells me what to do and I grew up following them . When I am scolded, talking back to explain my side  is tantamount to disrespecting them.I usually couldn't say to them what I wanted to say and I have been like this for so long already. It is like being in a cage and I wanted to be free. Sometimes I envy people who are very much vocal to their family on what are their wants. As for me, I rather left it unspoken than face my fear of rejection or of being scolded. If only my actions could speak for me. If only my actions would be enough to tell them that this is what I want. I know that this is not right and  I want to change it. This must be stop.


shengy said…
try it rein.

explain to them what you feel and they will realized that you are hurting. Just talk calmly and choose good words, ok?
Anonymous said…
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