Wedding Preparations

         I have seven days left to prepare the things I need for my upcoming wedding. I got engaged last Dec. 3 and I am getting married on Dec. 16. That is thirteen days of planning but during the engagement my fiancée’s  family assured us that they will help us in everything we need. So the first thing we did is to list down the things we need, the budget alloted and who is the designated person. Here is our wedding  checklist:

                                   Budget        Person Designated
    1. Invitation              P2,000        Pastor Neil                      
    2. Venue Setup          5,000        Jimmy & Karai                      
    3.Giveaways              2,000        me                          
    4.Wedding Dress          -            Ria & Nene                      
    5.Food                    25,000        tata,abet & pastor art
    6. Flowers                 2,000        karai
    7.Cake                     3,000        Ocay                          
    8. Transportation       2,000                                  
   9. Rice                        5,000        tata                          
  10.Drinks                     1,500        pastor art                      
   11.Photo                     5,000        millena
  12.Officiating minister    3,000        mayor blase
  13.Wedding rings          4,000        me

         This is only a simple list that serves as our guide in the things we need for the wedding.Normal wedding preparation takes months or even years for others but because of the circumstances we have to rush up some things. As of now, things are running smoothly and everybody is eagerly doing their designated job. Hope we could be able to patch up things needed for the wedding.So help me God.


shengy said…
thanks rein for sharing it with us..this will be my guide next year..heheheh
Lorraine Starns said…
great to hear that you are preparing for your wedding...big event, good luck

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