Accident Along the Way

     Accidents may happen by just a split of a second. By the time you know it, you already lost everything or unluckily you will suffer the injuries for the rest of your life. 
     Car accidents may belong to top ten accidents that may happen everyday. Many lives had been lost due to car accidents. Not only lives had been lost but also properties. That is why car insurance is very important. It may be temporary car insurance or those with specific value insurance. The important thing is there is an insurance that will cover up the damages. It is traumatic to be in an accident and it would be a headache if after that you would still have to face the expenses caused by the accident. With an insurance, if in case an accident may happen you wouldn't worry anything about the expenses that awaits you.
Fully wrecked car to be replaced by car insurance company
       In our last travel, the car we are following which is part of our convoy in our way back to Mindanao had been in an accident.  The car hit a truck in a curve road that the front wheels are wrecked and the passengers' and driver's windows were shattered. Thank God no one was injured and luckily, it was covered up by car insurance. For now, the owner is only waiting for the replacement that the car insurance company will provide.    



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