Congratulations Buddy En-en and Jay-R!!!

           Congratulations to my buddy en-en and to her husband Jay-R. Both of them are my office mates in the previous company where I worked before. They started out as friends and became my buddies everytime I worked overtime. I was really tricked by these two guys because all along I thought it was part of a joke that they would act out as lovers. We always laughed out everytime they act as if they are in a relationship. When there is someone who would ask if they are in a relationship, we will rebut it by saying that they are only pretending. The funny thing is, they are really lovers and that it is not an act all along. I only knew it when I already left the company and after few months they told me that they are already engaged. Well, that is how fast things are and I am happy for both of them. Love really moves in mysterious ways.                           
Cheers to the newlyweds!!! 



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